RSVP, ASAP,50個一定要識的職場英文縮寫

你曾覺得上司或是同事好像在說外星文嗎?其實那就是「商用語言」!而其中在 email 或是內部團隊溝通平台中最常見到的就是「商用縮寫」(business acronyms)。在公司不要再讓自己出醜了,今天幫你整理職場上最厲害的商用縮寫 cheat sheet!


ASAP(as soon as possible 盡快)

BID(break it down 細分明細)

BTW(by the way 順帶一提)

COB(close of business 下班時)

EOB(end of business 下班時)

EOD(end of day 今天以內)

DOE(depending on experience 視工作經驗而定)

ETA(estimated time of arrival 預計到達時間)

FAQ(frequently asked questions 常問的問題)

FTE(full-time employee 全職員工)

FWIW(for what it’s worth 無論如何、不管有沒有用)

For what it’s worth, I think you can’t trust that man.

FYI(for your information 供你參考(郵件常用)

FYR(for your reference 供你參考)

FYU(for your use 供你使用)

IAM(in a meeting 會議中)

IMO(in my opinion 個人淺見、在我看來)

LET(leaving early today 今天提早走)

LMK(let me know 讓我知道、通知我)

MoM(month over month 月度比較)

MTD(month to date 月初到現在)

OOO(out of office 不在辦公室)

OT(over time 加班)

OTP(on the phone 通話中)

PA(performance appraisal 績效考核)

POC(point of contact 首要聯繫人)

PTE(part-time employee 兼職雇員)

PTO(paid time off 帶薪休假)

NDA(Non-disclosure agreement 保密合約)

NRN(no reply necessary 不需回覆)

NSFW(not safe for work 不適合工作場域)

RFD(request for discussion 請求討論)

RSVP(Répondez s’il vous plait 法文的請回覆)

TBA(to be announced 待公佈)

TBD(to be determined 待決定)

TCC(teleconference call 電話會議)

TED(Tell me, explain to me, describe to me)

TL;DR(Too long didn’t read 太長,沒讀)

TOS(terms of service 服務條款)

TYT(take your time 別著急、慢慢來)

WFH(work from home 在家辦公)

WIIFM(what’s in it for me 這對我有什麼好處?)

WOM(word of mouth 口碑傳播)

YTD(year to date 年底、今年之內)

CDO(chief data officer 首席數據長)

CEO(chief executive officer 首席執行長)

CFO(chief financial officer 首席財務長)

CIO(chief information officer 首席資訊長)

CMO(chief marketing officer 首席行銷長)

COO(chief operating officer 首席營運長)

CPA(certified public accountant 註冊會計師)

CSO(chief security officer 首席安全長)

CSR(corporate social responsibility 企業社會責任)

CTO(chief technology officer 首席技術長)

CFP(certified financial planner 註冊金融理財師)

GC(general counsel 首席法律顧問)

HR(human resources 人力資源)

PM(project manager 專案經理)

PR(public relations 公共關係)

R&D(research and development 研發)


ETA         Estimated Time of Arrival 預計到達的時間

ETD         Estimated Time of Departure 預計出發時間

FAQ         Frequently Asked Question 常見問題

N/A          Not Applicable 不適用

Attn         Attention 收件人(正式用法)

c.c.           carbon copy 副件

fwd.         forward 轉寄

re.            in regard to, regarding 關於

recd.        received 收到

p.s.          Post Scriptum(拉丁文)= “after writing.” 備註、後記、後言 

RSVP       Répondez s’il vous pla?t(法文)= “please reply” 請回信